Leonardo da Vinci, anniversary exhibition

24/10/2019 - 24/02/2020

Celebrating the Renaissance master.

If there is one must-see exhibition this autumn in Paris, it has to be this one. In celebration of the 500th anniversary of his birth, the Louvre Museum has dedicated a retrospective event to Leonardo da Vinci, painter of the world's most famous painting: the Mona Lisa.
For centuries, Leonardo has fascinated with his multi-disciplinary genius, ranging from graphic arts to science, and his far-sighted vision. In fact, his work still surprises and inspires in its modernity.
This retrospective exhibition is the result of an international collaboration, revealing a fascinating panorama of his work as well as the results of the latest surveys and critical studies. 

Louvre Museum

99 rue de Rivoli
75001 PARIS

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Métro Palais-Royal - Musée du Louvre